Regional Safeguarding


At the regional level, CIPM sustains the Southern IPM Center (SIPMC). SIPMC coordinates, enhances and facilitates the flow of resources and information in integrated pest management on a regional basis, including grants management, data acquisition and sharing, infrastructure development, and the documentation needed to provide accountability for resources used.  CIPM provides leadership and coordination for the identification of priority IPM needs and issues through multi-state and multi-organization collaboration in the southern region.  CIPM provides the infrastructure for the development and sharing of current and new pest management technologies among federal and state agencies, impacted organizations, and pest managers.  coordinates its programs with state-based extension IPM implementation programs located at land-grant universities in each state including the Pesticide Safety Education Program; with existing regional pest management programs such as the multi-state IPM technical committee (SERA3-IPM), Sustainable Agricultural Research and Extension, IR-4, Southern Plant Diagnostic Network; and with USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) programs.