National Safeguarding


At the national level, CIPM interacts extensively with the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and the Center for Plant Health Science and Technology (USAD-APHIS-CPHST) to optimize information technologies and IPM tools that focus on CPHST’s mandate to provide information, tools and technologies that inform science-based regulatory and policy decisions to prevent invasive pest species from entering the USA. Invasive species may be considered one of the grand challenges of our modern agricultural and global trade systems and CIPM is at the forefront of designing information and decision-based tools to prevent the introduction of destructive pest species. CIPM also develops and implements tools/programs and coordinates expert personnel to develop rapid response and IPM-based methods if or when new invasive species enter the USA. CIPM personnel also are engaged in policy development, national program reviews, educational/informational websites and other activities that impact national IPM efforts.